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SolutionsIQ is Happy to Announce Agile Coffee Talk in Bangalore on 25th of June 2016, at Hyatt, Swami Vivekananda Road, Bangalore  

Theme - "Enterprise Agile Transformation"

Today, organizations around the globe practice team-level agile where a small, cross-functional and highly responsive team incrementally creates and delivers valuable, working software. Many of those organizations have scaled their agile capacity by creating additional cross-functional teams – often collected into programs around a common business or product area. But even in such circumstances, you’ll typically find that agile values and practices are still confined to just part of the organization’s business processes. While enterprise agile usually entails scaling agile, enterprise agile encompasses much more than just scaling.

We invite you to join us at Agile Coffee Talk, Bangalore and take one more step towards developing a shared understanding of what Enterprise Agility is all about. 

Agenda Highlights:

  • Enterprise Agile Transformation - Challenges and Lessons Learnt. This is an experience report by Ravindra Prasad, Head of Engineering and Technology at Tesco.
  • Kanban Simulation Game - An action packed, fun-filled workshop facilitated by Deepak Gururaj and Sandeep S, Agile Coaches at SolutionsIQ India
  • Take Agile to Next Level - An interactive talk on key steps to Agile transformation by Saikat Das, Sr. Manager - IT Program Delivery & Engineering and Agile Coach, Intel


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1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road
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